Oily Tools & Resources

As you dig into your oils and natural health you will find several tools may be helpful on our journey.  Below are several of the ones I personally use along with some resource material I love. 

Picture of Oily Tools
Oily Tools

Here are items I suggest every person order upon getting their kit (or while you wait for it)

Coconut Oil - Note: V6 Oil from Young Living is a better quality so I suggest it over this.  However, this is a pretty economical, quality carrier oil and I tend to use it, being the frugal one I am.
Roller Bottles
Supplement Capsules

Handy Oily Items
As you step into your oily journey you may also find these items helpful.

1 ML Drams - Great for sharing with friends
Diffuser Carrying Case
Dropper Tops - are great for ease of making capsules, etc... Just do not travel with them - especially if you are flying!
Labels  - For top of Oil Bottles


Here are some of the various bottles and DIY resources I use around the house.  I use them to mix my thieves cleaner, make easy hand soaps, elderberry syrup facial toners, shampoo bottles, etc...  For specific recipes please see the League of Extraordinary Oilers: Member Only Section.   Not a member yet?   No problem - reach out to me and I'll help you grab a kit and start your journey!

Various Bottles

DIY Materials
Epsom Salt
Rose Clay

Educational Resources

Know More - Do Better!  Here are some books I have found particularly helpful in my wellness journey.

Oily Education

Nutritional Education

21 Day Sugar-Free Detox - This book really explains the Detox, but if you had to choose from the 3 - get the workbook vs. this one. I love this book because knowing the WHY is so important.
21 Day Sugar-Free Detox Workbook

Other Helpful Books